String Prototype cube

String Prototype cube by Numen

Johnson Tsang

the incredible ceramics of Johnson Tsang

vintage portraits by Stacey Page

the hand-embroidered vintage portraits of Stacey Page

Henrique Oliveira - Transarquitetônica

Henrique Oliveira - Transarquitetônica

Perpetually melting sculture

Perpetually melting sculture by Takeshi Murata
at Ratio Gallery /San Francisco

Maud Vantours

3D Paper work by Maud Vantours

Toy Planes by Varun Thota

Toy Planes by Varun Thota

Line Segment Space

“Line Segments Space” is a great example of sound design 
by Seoul-based artists Kimchi and Chips 
(Elliot Woods and Mimi Son)

Selfie text art

Make your own selfie text art with ACSIIcam here

This new web app converts any webcam images into real-time text characters. 
Originally released in 2012 by Erik Fredricksen
the ASCIIcam app has been updated and was reposted on Reddit