Pin Me Down - Pin Me Down

Pin Me Down is the side project of Russell Lissack, guitarrist of Bloc Pary, and singer Milena Mepris.
After their debut single 'Cryptic' that appeared on Kitsune Maison 5 compilation back in 2008, Pin Me Down has released several songs including 'Time Crisis', that is now avaliable for free download from their website.
They will release their eponymous debut album and new single 'Treasure Hunter' in April 19th

Pin Me Down - Pin Me Down

01. Cryptic
02. Treasure Hunter
03. Boy Who Cried Wolf
04. Ticking
05. Oh My Goddess
06. Pretty In Pink
07. Curious
08. Time Crisis
09. Meet The Selkirks
10. Everything Is Sacred
11. Fight Song

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