Pablo LLana, me , myself and i.

Hey there all of you out there, im the newest in this crowd, here's a little bit of my history.

Masochist by nature, tired of trash television , gummy bears, fast food, artists, music, clothes, candies. Tijuana B.C. Mexico native , Pablo LLana self-taught art instalator, painter and sculptor , with a personality very similar like his art , shows and shares with us part of his environment , converting daily things into a extraordinary satire with emphasize in classic and actual pop culture with a care free way.
Pablo mixes characters, graphics, colors, famous brands with popular phrases, as a result every society sector can relate to.
Arousing the interest of the spectator to discover out the funny and acid tone mysteries that are included in each piece.
At age 30 he says “Playing with words, food and images is enjoyable, I’m a kid trapped in an adult body that has ID”.
His works have been showed in Tijuana B.C. Mexico, Madrid Spain, San Diego and Los Angeles California.
That has brought to him the opportunity to expand his mind to new proposals; traveling in his work where everything is valid and nothing is censored.
At age 19 he won an Honorific Mention on Painting Discipline in the XII Plastic Biennial of Baja California, Mexico 1999 Selection. His work has been published in a variety of publications including Los Angeles Times.

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