Which music icon of the past would you like to collaborate with?

Puccini, Camille Saint-Saens, Wagner, The Ink Spots, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Burt Bacharach, Giorgio Moroder and Michael Jackson.

>Who would be the perfect husband for Casey Spooner? ...and the perfect wife?
Which music icon of the past would you like to collaborate with?

I HAVE the perfect husband, Adam Dugas. I think the perfect wife could be Natasha Vojnovic.

>Tell us about your solo album ADULT CONTEMPORARY and the two singles Faye Dunaway and Spanish Teenager

Jeff Saltzman tricked me into recording a solo pop record. I wrote it very quickly and very honestly. It is the most naked and emotional thing I have ever made. If I had known I was doing it, I would have over thought everything and been paralyzed with considering all aspects of what making this album would mean in an outward sense. I thought I was writing raw material for Jeff to use for HIS album.

Faye Dunaway is a collage about modern homosexuality. This song describes a fantastical world of gayness and a failed imagined romance. It also addresses issues of procreation, aging and legacy.

Spanish Teenager is a song about the desire to be someone else and live in utopia. It is about the desire to be something I could never be: young, latin and lazy.

>Did the writing process for ADULT CONTEMPORARY differ from that of your earlier, more electronic albums? If so, how?

Very much so. When Warren and I work together it takes much more time and it is about finding a unique balance between style and meaning. This takes lots of time. When I started working on this album I thought I was writing material for someone else's album. I figured some things would be used and some things would be tossed out. And I thought most of the songs would be resung by other singers. I was just having fun throwing material down and not really over thinking anything. I wonder if Jeff was planning for this to be my album all along. He just knew this was the best way to capture a performance.

>Not too long ago we had the pleasure of watching you appear in both 'Hamlet' and 'The Young and the Restless.' Can we expect more acting gigs from Casey in the future?

YES, I love to perform and transform. I am looking to do more film and television. And I am currently working on a new talk show called U DN'T KNW that will be launching in the fall.

>What bands/musicians currently make your hips shake?

Beth Ditto EP with Simian Mobile Disco; Azari and III; Hunx and his Punx; CREEP; Kim Ann Foxman; Robyn; Charanjit Singh

>Tell us about your collaboration with Kylie Minogue in "come into my world" remix? what was it like to performe with her and strip her down?

That was really fun. The only bummer was we staged a big ass slap but the cameras somehow missed it. A week later Justin Timberlake stole my move.

>How was the experience with Scissorsisters? would you like to duet with Jake Shears in one of their songs?

They are old friends so it was great fun to get to tour together. I love their new album but I think the live show is even better. I think they are at an all time peak.

>What can we expect from you in 2011?

I am working on writing and producing more for film and TV; doing pre-production on the talk show I will host called "U DN'T KNW:". I also have a new blog with Adam Dugas called Ladies & Gentleman at OH and release this album: videos, shows, etc.


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