Your photos are always been very close to the world of this project the final step?

Since 13 years, all my fashion editorials integrate the « Stories concept » so each story is a never ending one and it will find her next chapters in the future:
2 lesbians of «Notre Amour » will fight against Nazism and Homophobia,
Mario Galla, the disabled hero of " Beyond my eyes, my muscles ‘ ll survive » save by Gustave Flaubert and « Madam Bovary » will continue to grow up and all my other existing characters ‘ll continue their dangerous Quest all around the World to found Love or Death.

Tell us about your friendship (and collaboration) with Isabella Blow

We decided to collaborate with English Aristocraty to show fashion trought History.
Isabella respected photographers and designers‘s vision cause she was an Artist too.
She told me that my art and my ghosts will be my survival in fashion industry
Sometimes,i feel her in the wind.

Is "Requiem Nostram" an allegorical story? Can we find any key symbols in it?
« Requiem nostraM » takes place in Europe in the middle of 15th Century,it talks about an unconventional love story judged and rejected by society and Religion.
It can look a little violent for a fashion editorial but fashion is just a reflection of our society nowadays…don’t you think we live in a society full of judgement and intolerance in Love?

• We are longing for more Glenisson's concept in the future, will we wait for long?
Actually,i’m working on an amazing and titanic concept in collaboration with the 20 most amazing international icons.
It’s coming !


website: Franck Glenisson

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