Pop Surrealism by Alex Gross

Alex Gross is specialized in oil paintings that depict globalization, commercialism, darker side of life and brutal truth in a beautiful and poetic way. His work can be seen in several galleries and museums around the world. 

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"Well, being an artist is a great life if you have the right personality for it. But it's very difficult and you have to have a great self discipline. If you don't, then you will not succeed. But if you do, and you are comfortable with a lot of alone time and isolation, then go for it. It's a lot better than working for someone else. No one can fire you. You can express yourself creatively and that's very satisfying. It helps a lot if you marry a person with a stable and well paying career, since it can be financially very difficult for a long time until you become successful." Gross.
Posted by Erick Duque.

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Shayla said...

Duuuude I have a print by Alex Gross on my wall...well who knows if it is a real one or not because I bought it off of Ebay. HAHA. Love this blog!!!



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