Radio Oui FM

photographer: Matthieu Raffard
radio Oui FM campaign

Danseurs En Plein Air

Art Director: Giorgia Gabriele
Photographer: Vincent Urbani

Game zone /atelier olschinsky

atelier olschinsky, founded in 2002, is a small creative studio based in Vienna, Austria

Paintings by Philip Govedare

"My paintings are a response to the landscape we inhabit with all its complexity and layered meanings." - Philip Govedare

stephen vs stephen - and yet ep

Stephen vs Stephen's debut EP is going to be repeat in my car this autumn.

Available for Free via soundcloud and yet is filled with moody and haunting synthpop love songs bound to make some dance, some cry, and some do both at the same time. I'm part of the latter category.

While I love each and every song on this EP I find myself listening to, "The Difference Between Us" twice in a row each time I hear it.

Do yourself a favor, download it. Your ears will thank you.


In Time With The Music By Mark Seliger

In Time With The Music
By Mark Seliger
for Vogue Italia

Washed out /Amor Fati

brand new Washed Out's music video
Amor Fati
by Yoonha Park

from the album "within and without"

Barneys by Teller

Barneys autumn 2011 editorial 
featuring Adrien Bosch and Yuri Pleskun wearing Lanvin
by the talented Juergen Teller

Wright Conversion by Elmo Swart

A stunning modern compact living space in a traditional natural environment in Durban, South Africa. The project by Elmo Swart Architects is a contemporary addition on an old thatched-roof home.

Amato Haute Couture

Amato Haute Couture
photo by Tina Patni