Little Printer

Little Printer
by Berg design studio
(avalaible from 2012)

from Fubiz

Anti Smoking Campaign

Anti smoking campaign
by Steve Hudson 
for NHS

Tori Tori Restaurant

Tori Tori Restaurant by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Photos from

Wild & Wilting


Magazine: Carbon Copy
Issue: #10
Editorial: Wild & Wilting
Model: Dan Felton
Stylist: Aimee Croysdill
Photographer: Boyd Alexander

Aya Takano

Aya Takano, Japanese artist born in Saitama in 1976.
Takano's work is part of the Superflat movement

via lamono
photos from lamono

Amalgamation Video

amalgamation from dunun on Vimeo.

"Amalgamation" is a project by Michael Reynaud. Using portraits by photographer Michael Jang born this video where faces of the actors mingle and disentangle amalgamate.

Photos and video from Fubiz

Tiger & Turtle-Magic Mountain

Tiger & Turtle-Magic Mountain by German duo Heike and Ulrich Genth is a walkable sculpture shaped like a roller coaster. Visitors can stroll along the track (except for the loop sections). The 69 foot tall sculpture is located in Wanheim Duisburg, Germany.

Photos from The Cool Hunter

House Head Road 1843

House Head Road 1843
Designed by Antoni Associates
Location: Cape Town, South Africa