Maud Vantours

3D Paper work by Maud Vantours

Toy Planes by Varun Thota

Toy Planes by Varun Thota

Line Segment Space

“Line Segments Space” is a great example of sound design 
by Seoul-based artists Kimchi and Chips 
(Elliot Woods and Mimi Son)

Selfie text art

Make your own selfie text art with ACSIIcam here

This new web app converts any webcam images into real-time text characters. 
Originally released in 2012 by Erik Fredricksen
the ASCIIcam app has been updated and was reposted on Reddit 

Makoto Taniguchi - paintings in a mirror

Paintings in a mirror by Makoto Taniguchi

Taniguchi’s paintings, using acrylic sheets and mirrors, are some of his strongest works, bringing the efforts of his studies to fruition. The two images, one reflected in the mirror and one painted on the acrylic sheet, express the distance the artist senses between the cognitive experience and that which exists. We are unable to make out the image of the girl reflected in the mirror from straight on. Further, that image would cease to exist without the deformed image in front of it, which seems to be melting away. Coming face to face with this piece, we realize that we can never get any closer to the girl that lives in the world of the mirror. At the same time, however, we also realize that as a dialogue with the viewer the girl in the mirror will exist for eternity. Like a fleeting yet endless journey, lyrical and sweet, the artist repeatedly questions the eternal.

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

National Geographic Traveler 
Photo Contest 2014

The categories are : 
“Travel Portraits”, “Outdoor Scenes”, “Sense of Place” and “Spontaneous Moments”. 
The entries will be accepted until June, the 30th.