Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods – Let’s get green

Paper, wood, cotton (and more) are the perfect mix to create cool manufactured art and merchandise.
The products we find on Uncommongoods.com are organic, recycled and handmade, and give us the opportunity of turning our house into a cooler space and make the world a better place.

Taking a look to Uncommon goods webpage I found very cool items and I had the impression of visiting a creative flea market without leaving my house 
(and the cup of coffee next to the laptop).

My Uncommon wishlist includes so many different products, 
but I decided to select 10 to make my email to Santa Claus shorter.

This wooden magnetic robot  and the playable art cube by german artist Bernd Liebert are perfect for any room.

This amazing office desk handmade by  Richard Velloso (NY) and this cool hybrid  skateboards table by Jason Podlaski would definetely make my house look better.

These illustrations can fit any room (kitchen and bathroom included)

And, in case of an elegant green night, these Martini glasses by designer David Rasmussen and the two-in-one bow tie by Drew Storm Graham can really make the difference.

Check now Uncommongoods.com and make your personal wishlist