My next thing is that I want to do this television series. I’ve got a voice…the context would be climate change and science, but you can’t keep telling people that because they’d just say “what can you do about it.” It would have lots of kids in it, like a chat show, with kids, and whatever science is there it would have to be child friendly – I want to understand it, so it would have to be child-level science! But we need to make it clear that we can do things and there is a chance to change the system. I’d get loads of personalities involved: Sting, and Prince Charles- I have no idea if he would come on but I’d ask – and then there’s people like Liam Gallagher, who’s freaking out about bees… I don’t want to go on about it because I’m worried that I’ll talk myself out of it. The most important thing for people to do is get a life! Start looking at words in the dictionary, start understanding who you are and what the past is all about. Stop sucking up all of this consumerism. You might as well put something into your existence while you’re fortunate enough to have it. I want people to stop buying clothes! I’ve got lots of people that work for me, and when I tell them that I’d really like to go bankrupt they say “what about me!” and I reassure them that I’m joking, but I would. I’d find much more interesting things to do, I think.” Vivienne Westwood today.

Elisa Sedoni