Katsen - Basic Pleasure Unit

Katsen - Where Nobody Can Find Us.

Video, music, and the joy it fills me with all provided by Katsen.

Following on from their debut album "It Hertz!", indie-electronic-pop duo Katsen has returned to us with a new EP, "Basic Pleasure Unit." The 5 track EP features 3 brand new songs, an extended mix of a day dreamers delight “Florian” and from their album “It Hertz!”, the pop-tastic gem “Where nobody can find us”.  

1. Where Nobody Can Find Us
2. Accidents In The Home
3. A Soulless Party
4. A Pulse
5. Florian (Luminous Vinyl Mix)

"Basic Pleasure Unit" can be purchased from the bands website: http://www.katsen.com/

Hayden Headphone

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