Tim Walker
for LOVE Magazine
fall 2013

don brown

Don Brown



Peruvian designer and former student of the Istituto Europeo di Design of Madrid, Erick Valdivieso Maceda unveils his proposal for liquid containers: the Cupisnique bottle, inspired by pre-Columbian artifacts from Peru, takes its name from the same culture that existed in 1500 BC

Configured by a stirrup-shaped neck which coincides with the vertical axis of its body, this particular bottle proposes to be the ambassador for the form perception on the northern coast of Peru, an area plenty of beaches, sea and sand, deserts, rain and winds, landslides, floods and earthquakes. It is the result of the vision and experience as active exploration of a civilization extincted.

Tubular handle vertical supports both ends of the container body and the neck of the liquid emerges from the center thereof thereby maintaining the communication of the three different parts of the bottle. In this first part of his research, the designer seeks the symmetry of this figure reproduced by all cultures that existed on the Peruvian Coast up to the Incas: from Cupisnique, Chavin, Viru, Chimu, Moche or Mochica to Nasca and Paracas.

The first material worked has been ceramic. In the words of this creative Peruvian "the need to perceive this way also leads me to experiment with more textures, explore with glass and plastic. Betting on the way home from the formation of the concept, is where I find a relationship between the present and past. "

The possibility of a dynamic interplay between form and concept within the context of distant space and time can also be considered valid today. The plugs are the result of screening with knots and thought needs by content. An easy plug opening for the water, meets other appropriate possibilities for soda, champagne or wine.