diftype - Niklas Lundberg

Niklas Lundberg is a Swedish graphic designer and illustrator.

Diftype is the alter-ego, portfolio & playground of Niklas Lundberg, a young self-taught freelance working with print, motion & photography.

WebSite: http://www.diftype.com/

Rubén Ortiz (.Ponyhof)

Waldemar Kazak

Waldemar Kazak is a Russian artist.

Kazak's work for Medved Magazine is realist, ironic and it has a hint dark humor.

WebSite: http://www.kazakdesign.com/

Rubén Ortiz (.Ponyhof)

Taka Mayumi >> be my ghost on French#17

Vincent Urbani

Chanel Spring Summer 2011 in the Grand Palais

Elisa Sedoni



Supakitch + Koraline

Supakitch and Koraline are two French urban artists.

This wall piece of Supakitch and Koraline (both are Metroplastique) is part of an exhibition at the Museum of World Culture (Världskultur Museet) in Göteborg, Sweden.

making off

WebSite Supakitch: www.supakitch.com
WebSite Koraline: kogaylou.free.fr
WebSite Metroplastique: www.metroplastique.com

Rubén Ortiz (.Ponyhof)

Robyn - Indestructible

From Robyn's third (and unfortunately last) Body Talk album series, new single Indestructible.

Angelo Svart

Shuichi Nakano

Shuichi Nakano is a Japanese painter.

"Searching for Paradise" paintings are an artistic metaphor of wild life mixed in city backdrops. In Japan everything is big, the animals are bigger than life in every aspect.

WebSite: http://homepage.mac.com/sekainokakera

Rubén Ortiz

Bernhard Willhelm X Camper

German designer Berhard Willhelm's new collaborative range with CAMPER.
Get ready for "wave" trainers

Christian Montenegro

Christian Montenegro is an Argentinean illustrator.

Since the year 2002 he's worked with the digital media, mixing concepts from design with his previous experience in the comics. The style could be compared with a Lego system, simple pieces are combined in a more complex organization.

WebSite: http://www.christianmontenegro.com.ar

Rubén Ortiz

Franck Glenisson - I have too many ghosts in my head to feel alone

1 The stories of your sessions are always so strong and charismatic...Is Franck that kind of person in real life?
« I'm » these stories,i'm a lesbian,i'm a child,i'm a dog,i'm a murderer...

2 Photography, cinema, retrò, future...where all that inspiration comes from?
From my roots and night-visions.

3 Last year you won Special Price of Jury in the French Fashion Talent Awards with "Beyond my eyes. my muscles'll survive", and this year you have been selected again with "Notre Amour"...are you ready for the double strike?
« Beyond my eyes,my muscles’ll survive » showed for the first time Mario Galla with his handicap.
»Notre Amour » show a lesbian love story without sex,just with tenderness.
I’m not sure that France is ready for that,but we’ll see.

In France,gays can’t give their blood.

4 This month you're gonna enter in French National Art Collection with "Beyond my eyes, my muscles'll survive", what does it feel like?
Before this fashion editorial,Fashion industry didn’t want to show Mario’s « difference »,it was very difficult for him to hide a part of him to work and pay his studies.Now he walks the catwalk for Hugo Boss and sign an Addidas Originals sponsoring-deal.Nothing change except everybody knows now.It’s a real victory for us.

5 What's the most important element in your creative process: concept? lighting? photographic technique?
Try to reflect our society.

6 What is your favourite kind of movie?

7 Does loneliness inspire Franck Glenisson?
I have too many ghosts in my head to feel alone.

8 What makes a model a Franck Glenisson's one?
His brain.

9 Tell us about your future projects.
« François Sagat-The Story ».Biography of this porn star ‘ll be launch at Parisian fashion week,January 2011.

interview by Vincent Urbani

Masaki Mizuno

This is how fashion illustrator Masaki Mizuno defines her work:

I base my work on the erotica of innocent beauty and portraits.
My ideas come from encounters and events from the daily life.
Shapes of people, body proportions,
and poses comes from within which expresses the inner beauty of desire, provocation, and anger.
I hand draw my paintings. I used to use oil painting 5 years ago but now I draw with a pencil, then finish it up with air brushing and rollers for painting.

japanese text:


David de Ramon