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Sam Scott Schiavo is a italo-american photographer born and raised in Philadelphia.
Through various adventures on both sides of Atlantic, he has made Italy is home for nearly
20 years.

For the past 18 years he has been a model agent/talent scout in Milan but is now concentrating on photography full time

His unique style is a mix of cinema, underground, neorealismo and film noir and gets you into an elegant and nostalgic world where everything is as pure as fascinating.

Nowadays Sam lives and works in his two studios between Milan and Vienna.
A book? ...of course, there's one coming up, and we can hardly wait to have it

Here is ART-OPOLOGY interview with this talented photographer:

what is your idea of beauty?
Beauty is so abstract, i see it every where, in the weathered winkles of old people's faces, in the wide eyed innocent beauty of children laughing but when I cast a model I prefer the classical with a twist, maybe a stronger nose, something off that makes them more interesting and a natural self confidence, elegance , secure in themselves in front of the camera, never vulgar. Even if I photograph a boxer with his rugged, worn face, he has a particular grace about him that intrigues me.

photography is creation or reflection of moments of life?

I draw so so much from my memories, many or I should say most of my styling ideas, the way I see an image stem from my childhood or youth, reflecting fashion moments I lived ... my eyes have seen many decades of fashion, films, tendencies, inventions and changes! Moments in time frozen in my subconscious.

What are your favourites painters?

My absolutely favorite painters are Francis Bacon and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Is there any person you'd like as a model?

Well, if i could go back some years ... I would of loved to have shot a youthful Joe Dellasandro and years ago there was my idea of perfection of a male model, Scott Benoit, he was like a Roman statue. Naturally, also from the past, so many Divas of cinema I would have loved to have shot, they were great beauties not relying on photoshop! In their day, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Bardot and for me the pair Catherine Spaak and Jane Birkin were in the 60's fashion & beauty ICONS that were so au courant...

Give us 3 key words to define the italian style

I am afraid to say that 'Italian Style' may be loosing ground, becoming boring and uncreative ... it really needs to return to it's roots: modern, sleek and innovative.

What is inspiration for you? How do you get inspired?

I am inspired often by films, or a reflection of a moment from my past or I see a face that inspires me to create an editorial for them. Often a nostalgic moment can turn into a very modern idea!

Any new projects?

I have many projects in 'my hat', the Southern Italian blood in me sometimes makes me superstitious to speak about them all! But i have various editorials I am organizing for the spring and am working almost everyday editing my first book 'CARNAL REMAINS' which i hope to have published in the near future.

Tell us your perfect soundtrack for a photosession

The perfect soundtrack when i shoot is a retro mix which includes France Joli's Come to Me, many Donna Summer tunes mixed with Jean Carne, Chaka Kahn, Teddy Pendergrass, Candi Staton with some Amy Winehouse.

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