Acid Washed

Acid Washed is a parisian duo that mixes late nineties house with DFA disco and has a big list of colaborators: Xaver Naudascher & Gavin Russom (Death From Abroad/Supersoul/DFA), Christophe Chassol (S├ębastien Tellier, Phoenix), Christian Kreuz (Get Physical), Arnaud Rebotini/Blackstrobe, Turzi (Record Makers), Lippie, Barbara Panther, Alan Gay, King of Kong (Max Skiba & Artur 8)
They released their cosmic debut album 'Acid Washed' on Record Makers label in March 29th 2010 and also a 12'' vinyl including 'General Motors, Detroit, America' and 'Snake' (featuring Barbara Panther) with great remixes by Blackstrobe and Gavin Russom

Acid Washed - Acid Washed

01. General Motors, Detroit, America
02. Snake
03. Change
04. Concorde In The Sunrise
05. Acid Washed
06. Bikini Atoll
07. Apply
08. Royal Soda
09. The Rain
10. Snow Melt
11. Amour Fatal

Angelo Svart

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