Crystal Castles new album

Almost two years after the release of their debut album, that for some is one of the best albums released in the ‘00s, Crystal Castles will release their new album ‘Crystal Castles’ -yes, the same name as their debut album- on June 17th via Fiction Records. Filled up with melodic (you can actually hear Alice Glass singing!), trancey tracks like single ‘Celestica’ (digital single out on April 17th, 2010) and of course the classic Crystal Castles ‘8bit-punk’ tracks like ‘Doe Deer’ (released on 12’’ vinyl on April 17th, 2010). A very interesting and experimental album.

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles

01 Fainting Spells
02 Celestica
03 Doe Deer
04 Baptism
05 Year of Silence
06 Empathy
07 Suffocation
08 Violent Dreams
09 Vietnam
10 Birds
11 Pap Smear
12 Not in Love
13 Intimate
14 I Am Made of Chalk

Angelo Svart

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