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From early days or civilization , the human being has felt the need to call attention upon him or herself, to be recognized in either a positive or negative way, with the evident intention or desire of leaving his or her mark on the canvass provided by his or her habitats elements.

From the cave’s walls of ancient times to a contemporary poster, magazine or the city’s walls , even though not his nor her property, the fact of their availability makes it possible to place his or her personal mark, making it his or her own , and without asking for permission finds the way to say “I was here”.

Since Pablo Picasso or Marcel Duchamp, artists have intervened on other artist’s works, and giving them a twist, make them their own, adding trough their personal touch their vision of the cherry on top of the cake.
Some people have the opinion that art is created by the need to express personal contents and ideas on public places and images of public people; from graffiti, that as a form or urban expression has always physically been present in the place where our daily life flows, to modifying an image found in a magazine , which while belonging to a despised or admired person, our feelings trigger our imagination and traps us in the adventure of possessing and modifying it; in the first case satirizing it when we add to it a mustache or a black eye or tooth, or in the former showing our love or predilection as we place on its head a royal crown and surround it with hearts just as we did in our high school notebooks, or which we kept the images of our favorite tv or movie stars, cut from magazines and adorned with our own symbolisms; while doing that, we immersed ourselves in the image and became a part of the team of designers, stylists and makeup artists and with them became the fantasy architects which now becomes our own and when we finish we are able to say to ourselves: Here is my work of art!

In my work , public persons from the show world as Penelope Cruz, Amy Winehouse , Kate Moss and many others appear showing their success and valves as well as their dark side ( also public ) and with them visions of show business and Hollywood life merge with the real everyday life while creating a fusion of these so very opposite worlds.

Why these stars? Because they are persons who have an important influence in our contemporary society, and it is when I introduce them, a duo with them when I praise and satirize, I highlite the reasons for their public adoration and in other instances, like the case of Ms. Paris Hilton, in which I show the tiredness of her saturated image in a comical, satirical portrait.
Each of the pieces is mixed media, using digital drawing and materials like color sprays and pastel. Each drawing comes with two “slogan” phrases , so we are talking about a triptych for each drawing, setting the drawing in the middle of the two legends, or just the drawing if the curatorial staff considers it that way , I’m open to the curatorial opinion.

Pablo LLana

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