Javier Martin - there can be only one muse

1 - painting, photography and sculpture...is it your work a mix of all these disciplines?

I've always loved to create since I was very young.

I started with oil painting when I was 7 and I've never stopped looking for new techniques in photography, drawing and sculpture.

Art is freedom, freedom to create with every material you want.

2 - WOMAN is very important, and often appears, in your production. What are your muses?

The female figure is very important in my work. Woman beauty and her inner world are basic elements of my work.

My muse? there's only one: my girlfriend. She knows my work better than anyone else and she conquered my inspiration.

3 - What's the meaning of always using white and light colors? is it a stylistic choice or is there an allegorical meaning?

Color is very probably the most important part of my work. It defines the vision of every artist. I consider myself a very balanced person, and I'm deeply connected with the colors I use, they identify me.

4 - Where do you take inspiration from?

Fashion is very important to me, and very inspiring. In general, every detail that catch my attention is a font of inspiration.

5 - What are your favorite artists?

I like different elements from different artists.

I love the delicacy of Modigliani, Picasso's creativity, the strength of Basquiat and the colors of De Rauschenberg

6 - Tell us about your collaboration with EATME magazine

I really enjoyed the collaboration for the EatMe Cover and editorial. I was totally free to express, and I mixed my collection Blindness with fashion and art.

I felt so represented in this project from the very first moment, and the connection with Javier Garceche (director) and Luis de las alas(photographer) was just perfect.

7 - what are your future plans?

I'll follow with my expositions and editorials collaborations. Right now I'm making an expo in Baltus Chicago, and this summer I'll be in Soho (New York)

Website: www.javiermartinart.com


Pinkyelicious said...

i really like the colours, so soft and warm. Good work

Rubén Ortiz said...

* Wow... Geniales !

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