Taxidermy Chic: Polly Morgan


Forget pickled sharks and golden calves. The compelling work of artist-cum-taxidermist Polly Morgan involves bell jars instead of tanks of formaldehyde, songbirds instead of sharks, white rats curled in champagne flutes and baby bird heads protruding from Bakelite telephone receivers. It’s simultaneously the daintiest and most haunting taxidermy you’ll ever encounter, bought by the likes of Kate Moss and Courtney Love. Her materials are unpalatable in the extreme: rodents, wild animals, roadkill. The most remarkable aspect of her work is the transformation of these carcasses into art, replete with dark humour and a shocking capacity for life

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This is not 'Dark Humour', nor is it dainty or haunting.
Ms. Morgan needs to understand that this may be the most repulsive piece of taxidermy one could encounter.
Repulsive !

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