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Elovution Knights

Glenisson's confessions to Art-opology

"Elovution Knights"
what does this title mean to you?
The Knights are inside us  and the memories of our childhood for their courage, their bravery and their momentum of freedom.
For somebody they were a model to follow to become a better person. 
Even today, sometimes Love is unfortunately deprived of freedom and punishable by death so it requires this bravery to continue to exist. 
It’s important not to forget the child inside of us.

"God is love" and a gay kiss: provocation? or message of peace?
Where is the provocation?
 “God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him” (
1 Jn 4:16).

What's the perfect soundtrack for this new editorial?
A funeral voice, rising from the sound of the electric guitar of the French Electro band Spiral Dogma leader.

Tell us about the model casting?
These 8 people are Knights.
They lived discrimination for the color of their skin but they will never  judge or reject the differences.

Talking about human rights, what about China for your next work?
An important Chinese fashion magazine commanded me a fashion story 3 years ago.I sent them a love story between a French girl and … a Japanese guy.My work was immediately  rejected.  Anyway the Chinese people wake up more and more.Look at Russian people after the December elections ,they may become the most valiant and courageous Knights.

interview by Vincent Urbani
and Andrea Sorci

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